Monday, June 6, 2011


First Word: Noble 

Ruth 3:11 says, "You are a woman of noble character." The story of Ruth is a great love story.  Boaz was Ruth's kinsman-redeemer.  You must look-up kinsman-redeemer to appreciate why this is so important.  The kinsman-redeemer was responsible for protecting the interest of needy members of the extended family.  With Christ as my kinsman-redeemer, I am woman of NOBLE character, redeemed by the blood of Christ.

What does being noble mean anyway?  Merriam-Webster says #1 possessing outstanding qualities and #2 of high birth or exalted rank; Aristocratic

Today, I will be confident that I am a woman of noble character, possessing outstanding qualities because I can do ALL things through Jesus Christ who loves me.

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  1. Great way to start my day: reminding myself that I can be a woman of noble character because I can do all things through Christ!